This work was all about playing with new materials: Yupo, Terraskin and inks with embedded elements. The emotionally heavy themes of struggle, the work of being human and intense vulnerability (Hell) play off against the materials’ inherent lusciousness, producing a feeling of power that extends well beyond the page (High Wonder).
G SANKEY Birds 2014.jpg
GSANKEY Cloud 2014.jpg
G SANKEY Tunnel 2014.jpg
26 GSANKEY Madonna 2014.jpg
G SANKEY Clouds (together) 2014.jpg
GSANKEY Gorge 2014.jpg
GSANKEY Roots 2014.jpg
GSANKEY Roots (detail) 2014.jpg
G SANKEY  2015.jpg
G SANKEY Asshole 2015.jpg
GSANKEY Butterfly 2014.JPG
G SANKEY Forest visitor 2015.jpg
G SANKEY Forest Ghosts 2015.jpg
Swampy rainbow.jpg
Field party 1979.jpg
Small town hopeful.jpg
GSANKEY Hell and Highwonder (Storm) detail 2 2014.jpg
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