Rainbows were a pop design motif in the 60s and 70s. They symbolized an explosive range of possibilities and inclusiveness emerging from a much more constrained era. Developing from both World Peace demonstrations and as a symbol of unity and strength for the LGBTQ community, rainbows were a reminder to keep your eyes on the prize and a talisman promising better times ahead.
Waiting at the Co-op 1976.jpg
I'd like to make the world sing...jpg
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Brother 1974.jpg
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Rainbow MRI.jpg
Rainbow trailer.jpg
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Flaming Ghost.jpg
G SANKEY Awkward beach boy 2014.jpg
G SANKEY Butterflies and Rainbows 2014.jpg
GSANKEY Oh boo hoo 2011.jpg
GSANKEY I love you this much 2011.jpg
GSANKEY Butterflies 2011 2.jpg
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