Craigslist led me to a grieving daughter’s home. Throughout her lifetime, her mother had carefully selected, bought and stored thousands of rolls of wallpaper. Each purchase promised a change; the hope that the new design would herald a more joyful home-life. Yet the rolls remain unhung. This wallpaper series is a contemplation on personal longing and everyday acts of domestic heroism.
GSANKEY Petro Installation 2014.jpg
GSANKEY Avalanche 2014 detail.jpg
GSANKEY Avalanche 2014 detail 2.jpg
GSANKEY Mountain Slide 2 2014.jpg
G SANKEY Mountain Slide detail.jpg
G SANKEY Mountain detail 2.jpg
GSANKEY You get this much nothing 2014.jpg
19 GSANKEY pink wallpaper woman detail 2013.jpg
GSANKEY donkey ghost detail.jpg
G SANKEY Fountain 2014 2.jpg
21 G SANKEY fountain 2014 2.jpg
You. Get. Nothing.
24 GSANKEY You Get Nothing ticket detail 2013.jpg
9 GSANKEY You Get Nothing (pistol) 2012.jpg
26 GSANKEY You Get Nothing (bubbles) 2012.jpg
WTF spring 2013.jpg
28 GSANKEY You get nothing grass detail 2012.jpg
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